Want to insure a car for 1 day?
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Need to insure a car for just one single day? Whether you want to test drive a car, borrow one from a friend for the day, take over as driver at short notice or need a temporary insurance policy for many other reasons it is possible for most motorists to buy a policy very quickly, with the minimum of formalities.
What information will I need?
You'll need the registration letters (number plate details) of the car you want to insure, and your driving licence details. If the vehicle you want to insure belongs to someone else you'll need to have that person's permission to drive the car.
What does it cost?
Just as with yearly motor insurance, the premium will vary according to the driver, and the vehicle to be insured. However, getting a quote only takes a few seconds so you can soon get a personalised quotation.
Which driving licences are accepted?
The insurers will consider motorists with full driving licences issued in The UK, all countries of the EEC, plus Australia, Canada, The Falklands, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mauritius, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Learner drivers from the UK can apply, also.
Can visitors to the UK apply for a policy?
Yes, if your driving licence was issued by one of the countries listed above. To get a quote you will need your driving licence and passport details. When asked for a postcode please enter the postcode of the address of where you are staying in the UK, not your home address. A hotel address, or the address of a friend or relative you are staying with is acceptable.
Can a hired car be covered?
No. Only a vehicle that the driver owns, or has borrowed with the owner's permission.
What cover is available?
The cover is comprehensive for all journeys within the UK. Cover for journeys within the rest of the EEC is included at third party level only but this can be extended to comprehensive cover for a small extra premium.
Is roadside assistance included?
Not as standard but it is available as an optional extra.
Which cars or vans can be insured?
Each insurer has a list of vehicles that can be insured and some can only be covered if the driver meets certain qualifications (such as age, driving experience, accident-free record etc). However, again it only takes seconds to get a quote so you could soon see whether or not you would be accepted.
Which drivers can be insured?
What are the vehicle limitations?
What usage will be covered?
What can I use it for?
Very important!!!
It is important to remember that if a driver in a borrowed car is stopped by the police, and is found to be uninsured, then the person who lent the car will be charged and end up in court too! That is because, in the UK, it is a criminal offence to allow someone to drive your car unless you know that insurance is in place - see this UK government site for driving without insurance penalties. It is not enough to believe that the driver was insured; you have to make absolutely sure. Buying a short term car insurance could save both of you a large fine, possibly a disqualification from driving or even a prison sentence too. The answer is to buy a short term insurance policy, which you can get for as little as one single day.

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